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Trust deed & rules

trust deed and rules

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The BP Pension Scheme is set up and run in line with:

These documents set out the detailed provisions of the scheme. No other communication is more valid than the trust deed and rules. The trust deed and rules will always prevail over any other communication or document that differs from the trust deed and rules.

Please note that the version of the BP Pension Scheme rules above only applies to you if any of the following describes you:

  • You are a current employee member.
  • You retired after 12 March 2014.
  • You left pensionable service after 12 March 2014.
  • You reached your normal retirement age after 12 March 2014.

If you retired or stopped working for BP before this date, please contact the BP UK Pensions & Benefits team for the rules that apply to you.

If you have a complaint or dispute about your pension benefits please contact the BP UK Pensions & Benefits team, who will always strive to resolve it informally. If the team cannot resolve your complaint or dispute informally, you may follow the Fund's internal dispute resolution procedure. To do this, please fill in the internal dispute resolution form.

You can only use this procedure to resolve a dispute with the trustee. It cannot be used to resolve any company-related issues such as a complaint about the Supplementary Pension Plan for example.

For company-related issues about pensions and benefits:

This procedure only covers company matters related to pensions and benefits. Any other matters are handled through the company’s standard grievance procedure.

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