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Amoco (UK) Pension Plan

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This PDF version of the explanatory booklet is the latest version available. Contact details shown may have changed, so if you have any queries, please contact BP UK Pensions & Benefits.

Explanatory booklet

You can download and print any of the forms if you want to:

If you have left BP and would like to transfer your Amoco (UK) Pension Plan benefits to another pension arrangement, please download and complete this form to request a transfer value. Please note, we are only able to provide a transfer value once in any 12-month period.

To see the Rules that govern the Amoco (UK) Pension Plan, click on the link below.


The Plan is set up and run in accordance with the Trust Deed of the BP Pension Fund and Rules of the Amoco UK Pension Plan, which contain the detailed provisions of the Plan. No other point of reference can override the Trust Deed and Rules if there is an inconsistency.

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