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The various pensions and benefits detailed in PensionLine are discretionary and BP UK pensions and benefits reserves the right to amend, modify or terminate any of benefits at any time following due process. The provisions of BP's various pensions and benefits contain limitations on employee rights under them. The values and details described are provided for eligible employees who meet eligibility conditions required by those schemes. There is no guarantee that the schemes or benefits will be operated in the future, or, if they are operated, that employees will be selected for participation.

This statement, system or information contained within PensionLine does not create an express or implied contract, for employment or otherwise, with any employee, nor does it create any terms of contract for any particular pension or benefits. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this system and the formal provisions of any applicable pension or benefit, the formal provisions will prevail.

BP UK pensions and benefits may amend the disclaimer or any information contained within the system without notice at any time and whilst we endeavour to keep the information in the system current, it may be incorrect or out of date and no warranty is made in respect of the same. This Legal disclaimer was last updated on 1 October 2015.

Use of language

The PensionLine web pages have been written for a global audience - as a result the interpretation of some words and phrases may differ from region to region and may lack in some of the local detail.

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This website is private and confidential to BP. Access is strictly controlled according to an individual's personal details and its content should not be shared without permission. As a user of the PensionLine website you have been granted access to this system in accordance with your applicable pensions and benefits. If you no longer require access to this system you should notify the system owner who will arrange for your access to be removed. BP expects the highest level of confidentiality from all employees, contractors and suppliers. Members of the BP UK pensions and benefits team, who have access to the administration system are regularly trained in Data Privacy, and must comply with BP's 16 Data Privacy Rules and its policies regarding the protection of confidential data, digital security and its Code of Conduct. Members of the BP UK pensions and benefits team understand the importance of maintaining and protecting personal data at least to the level required by law in order both to protect the rights of BP employees and other persons whose data is under BP UK pensions and benefits control as well as to maintain the integrity and reputation of BP. BP has a Code of Conduct that sets out the standards for each individual in the group, and its suppliers / contractors and is obligatory, without exception. Everyone working for BP is accountable for upholding its requirements. Failure to observe the Code is a cause for disciplinary action which could involve dismissal.

BP's data privacy rules

BP's policy is first and foremost to comply with applicable law. Where there is no data protection law our policy is to process personal data adhering to the following values as reflected in our Data Privacy Rules:

  • respect the privacy of individuals;
  • respect the choice of individuals;
  • be open and honest about the personal data that we are holding;
  • hold and process personal data securely and only for the legitimate purpose(s) for which they were collected;
  • ensure the accuracy and relevance of the personal data that we hold;
  • hold personal data no longer than necessary.

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